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The Trotsky-Jabotinsky Cooperation

Trotsky had suspicious ties to Ze’ev Jabotinsky, later to become the pogromist-collaborationist Mussolinite fascist founder of ‘Revisionist Zionist’ network.


The History of the USSR & the Peoples’ Democracies

Chapter 2, Section 9 (C2S9) 


Saed Teymuri


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The origins of Leon Trotsky’s ties to fascist intelligence networks go back to many years prior to the October Revolution. Besides his extremely suspicious ties to Ze’ev Jabotinsky, who would become known as the ‘founding father’ of ‘Revisionist Zionism’ and would serve as the MI6-backed Zionist aide to the Mussolini regime in the Betar Naval Academy in Fascist Italy, Trotsky cultivated deep ties to the Menshevik Kautskyites. Nikolayev, one of the local Zionist-affiliated Jews in Ukraine, recalled:

After the first pogrom the Jewish community was shrouded in deep mourning…. Two days later my elder brother, an active member of the local Social-Democratic party, told me that the head of the party wanted to talk to me…. It was Trotsky; my brother let me in on a secret, informing me that Trotsky had returned from abroad and was conducting revolutionary activities throughout the Ukraine from Kiev. From time to time he also visited Nikolayev to encourage the local revolutionaries who remained faithful to him from the days—years ago—when he had been their leader, as yet in his former name – Bronstein…. Trotsky invited me into his room and asked me to give him a detailed report of the students' meeting which took place at the Technicum on the day of the pogrom. Instead of showing interest in the details of the pogrom and the reasons for the impotence of the Russian defenders, he asked me to relate to him as fully as I could the speeches and the deliberations of the students, and then, referring to the question of self-defense, informed me contentedly: "You should know that we have entered into an agreement with the heads of the local Zionists with the object of establishing a common self-defense organization. This will consist of your Zionist friends and members of the Russian Social-Democratic party. You and your brother will serve as liaison officers between our forces and those of the Zionists. It is my request that, as soon as new outbreaks occur, you should hasten to my apartment to receive full instructions, as the situation will warrant." Indeed, a week later members of the Black Hundred in our town made an attempt to organize a new pogrom, but this time they were met by strong and well-organized defense forces…. Trotsky's apartment served as headquarters. The first news we received by telephone was quite encouraging, but at noon the pogromists were joined by a number of policemen and armed cossacks, and the defenders applied to headquarters with a request for more arms Trotsky provided arms to all places attacked…. However, later on disappointment set in, for our belief that our "ally," the Russian Social-Democrats, personified by the great and famous revolutionary Trotsky, would supply us with most of the arms needed for our defense, had been misplaced…. Two days later, when I called again on Trotsky and raised before him the matter of arms supply, he had this advice to proffer: "I am informed from reliable sources that your leader Jabotinsky has successfully organized the Jewish self-defense group in Odessa and that it is provided with plenty of arms. Apply to him and ask him to allot at least part of this supply for your branch organization." Having no alternative, we decided to send a delegation to Jabotinsky without delay asking for his assistance. (My Meeting with Trotsky in Matters Relating to Jewish Self-Defense, HaBoker (Tel Aviv), Nahum Yerushalmi, January 6, 1950. Cited in: ‘Trotsky and the Jews’, Joseph Nedava, pp. 60-61) (IMG)

While Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s death squads and the anti-Semitic pogromists were both agents of fascist finance capital, they did officially oppose each other, because Jabotinsky promoted a Jewish supremacist line and the pogromists were anti-Semitic. The superficial contradiction between the Jabotinsky ideology and the anti-Jew terrorists could be exploited and arms could be obtained from that terrorist for a real self-defense against pogroms. To exploit such a contradiction for anti-fascist purposes is to pursue a correct policy line. However, considering Trotsky’s consistently pro-fascist intelligence service activity, the military ties to Jabotinsky are unlikely to have been for self-defense against pogroms and probably had ulterior motives. Forget not that Jabotinsky at some point ended up as a military ally of Petlura, the head of the pogromist White Guards.


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