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in the Stalin-era USSR

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274. Sverdlovsk. Ural Industrial Institute named after S. M. Kirov. Portico. Wolfenzon, Gorshkov, 1938



Stalin-era USSR funds

General Sandino's Campaign


Comintern agents assist effort.

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Everything you need to know about


The Class Bases

of Imperialism & Fascism


-        Topics: From mercantile capital to finance capital / imperialist bourgeois-democracies vs. imperialist fascist states / inter-imperialist rivalries / the kulaks, lumpen-proletariat, bureaucrats, priests, intellectuals / the role of the petit-bourgeoisie


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Soviet High Command banned troops from Rape in Germany

-- as admitted by top MI6 official, and West German military's officially-appointed history researcher.

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On the 1941 Soviet Intervention into Iran


‘Neutral’ Iran harboured Nazi German military intelligence bases, was to serve as avenue for Wehrmacht conquest of Caucasus oilfields.


The 1921 Soviet-Iranian ‘Friendship’ Treaty officially permitted Soviet intervention against fascist forces harboured in Iran, in exchange for USSR’s return of Iranian assets seized by Tsarist Russia.

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Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran - Wikipedia





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Gorbachev and his Hangmen

Spies for Anglo-American Secret Services


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