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CIA Reveals Unprecedented Media Freedom in Criticizing Enterprise Inefficiency and State Officials' Corruption in Stalin-era USSR


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CIA-MI6: Bolsheviks enjoyed overwhelming popularity during October Revolution & Civil War


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During 1948 War:

Mapam-affiliated Israeli Commanders secretly meet Abdel-Nasser, provide medical aid to troops commanded by Abdel-Nasser, enter Egypt to destroy the British terror-planes based in Suez


The Mapam was the Israeli communist-led ‘Socialist Zionist’ popular-front party that also operated as a Soviet espionage front. View full article


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Every communist must learn to think like a Chekist, a socialist intelligence official, Lenin and Stalin emphasized. Here is a case of fascist intelligence penetration by whose example to learn counter-intelligence work.


The RAJK (Reich) Network: The Horthyite Penetration into Hungary’s Communist Movement – Part 1.   View full article.


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