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'London Poles' establish an Alliance Pact with the Ukrainian Nazi Perpetrators of the anti-Polish Genocide in Wolyn, a top 1946 US intelligence report reveals.


To almost every son or daughter of Poland, common knowledge is the fact during WW2, the UPA and OUN, two Ukrainian Nazi terror organizations, carried out a genocide against the Polish people in Wolyn. Yet, less known is the fact that the ‘London Poles’ network – variously also rebranded as the ‘London-based Anders Group’, the ‘Home Army’, the ‘Polish Secret State’, and the ‘Polish Underground State’ – directly allied with the UPA and OUN as early as 1945-1946 in the war on Soviet power.


Compiling numerous reliable reports into one major study on Ukrainian fascism, a study by the US intelligence confirmed that the Anders group, which headed the military wing of the Polish Underground and the ‘Polish’ government-in-exile, closely collaborated with the Ukrainian anti-Polish fascist terror group, the OUN (which headed the UHVR), as means of combatting Soviet power and establishing an MI6-backed Intermarium. Indeed, the US intelligence reported:

Further, conferences were held between the Polish ANDERS Group and UHVR representatives at Bellagio (May 21, 1946), Rome (June 3-11, 1946), and Castelgandolfo in order to effect a rapprochement between the Ukrainian and Polish resistance movements and to conclude a close alliance in the struggle against the Soviets.

UHVR was represented by the OUN member and terrorist Nicholas LEBID, Secretary General of the Foreign Affairs Department, and by Alexis SOKIL, permanent delegate in Rome. Negotiations to coordinate Intelligence Services of the 2nd Polish Army Corps and the Ukrainian IS took place. The agenda also included such matters as the delimitation of frontiers, anti-Ukrainian propaganda in the Polish press, the INTERMARIUM CONFEDERATION (see above, PROMETHEUS MOVEMENT), and the formation of an anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations. Political negotiations, however, were postpone pending study of reports and delimitation of Polish and Ukrainian zones.

It is significant that the UHVR, which can be traced back to the anti-Polish OUN, should now seek an alliance with the anti-Warsaw Poles. Both factions, of course, now have a common enemy in Soviet Russia and Communism.

(THE UKRAINIAN NATIONALIST MOVEMENT: AN INTERIM STUDY’, US intelligence, authors: William Holzmann and Zolt Aradi, October 1946, p. 27) (IMG)

The report further added that the fascist NSZ and the UPA also closely collaborated:

some cooperation has been stipulated between UPA and NSZ…. (THE UKRAINIAN NATIONALIST MOVEMENT: AN INTERIM STUDY’, CIA, authors: William Holzmann and Zolt Aradi, October 1946, p. 27) (IMG)


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