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Stalin-era USSR officially accuses Tito of being a WWII-era Gestapo agent later recruited by the CIA




The History of the USSR & the Peoples’ Democracies

Chapter 12, Section 1 (C12S1) 


Saed Teymuri


Pay very careful attention to the following excerpts from a 1950 article in the Soviet press:

The Tito fascist clique is an abominable product of the darkest forces of international reaction. The imperialists rightly regard Tito as Hitler’s successor. It is no accident that when the fascists captured power in Germany the Tito-Rankovic clique was in the service of the Hitlerite Gestapo which later turned over the Yugoslav traitors to the secret services of other imperialist powers.

Irrefutable facts revealed at the trials of Koche Dzodze [i.e. Koci Xoxe], Laszlo Rajk, and Traicho Kostov showed that while thousands of Yugoslav patriots were brutally put to death in the torture chambers of the Gestapo, the ringleaders of the Titoite gang, including Rankovic, were at liberty because they were already at the time agents of the imperialist secret services. This is also confirmed by other voluminous data.

(...). While serving Gestapo, Tito clique betrayed many Communists and patriots. Thus Vukmanovic (Tempo) betrayed the Communist Party and Young Communist League organization in Sarajevo in 1941. Hundreds of young patriots were then cast into prison and concentration camps, many of them were killed. In the same year Tito's colleague Velebit denounced members of the Central Committee of the Croatian Communist party who met at his villa.

Thus the Belgrade hirelings of imperialist reaction, even before coming to power, destroyed by various means the finest sons of the Yugoslav people.

Seeking to behead the Communist and labor movement in the country, the Titoites have pursued a policy of the mass annihilation of the finest proletarian forces. Thousands of Yugoslav patriots have fallen victim to treacherous directives and orders. The treachery of Tito, Rankovic and Djilas in valley of the Pivo, Tire, and Suteski [Sutjeska] rivers alone in March 1943, claimed the lives of thousands of patriots.

(Tito-Rankovic Clique Has Established Fascist Regime in Yugoslavia, A. Kalinin, April 14, 1950. In: Information Bulletin, Soviet Union. Posol╩╣stvo (U.S.), p. 221) (IMG{Titoist Yugoslavia})

The above is an article published by the USSR Information Bulletin, which was a media outlet of the Soviet foreign ministry. (…). On January 30, 1953, the Soviet press published an article, condemning Tito as a ‘Gestapo agent’:

American imperialism bought the Gestapo agent Tito and his clique for a low price.

 (‘Spies, Saboteurs, Embezzlers and Swindlers’, L. Smirnov, Material for Talks: Untiringly Raise the Political Vigilance of Soviet People. January 1953, Published in: Soviet History, Seventeen Moments in Soviet History: An Online Archive of Primary Sources, Original Source: Bloknot agitatora, No. 3, 30 January 1953, pp. 10-22.) (IMG)

That Tito’s clique were a gang of fascists was also officially stated as the position of the communist parties of the Cominform, including the CPSU. The Cominform resolution started with the following:

The Information Bureau, consisting of representatives of the Communist Party of Bulgaria, Rumanian Workers’ Party, Working People’s Party of Hungary, United Workers’ Party of Poland, Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks), Communist Party of France, and the Czechoslovak and Italian Communist Parties, having considered the question: “The Yugoslav Communist Party in the power of murders and spies”, unanimously reached the following conclusions…. (COMMUNIST PARTY OF YUGOSLAVIA IN THE POWER OF MURDERERS & SPIES, Cominform, 1949, p. 1. Retrieved from: Revolutionary Democracy.) (IMG)

One of the main themes explicitly emphasized in the Cominform resolution was:

the fascist terror of the Tito gangs…. (COMMUNIST PARTY OF YUGOSLAVIA IN THE POWER OF MURDERERS & SPIES, Cominform, 1949, p. 3. Retrieved from: Revolutionary Democracy.) (IMG)

(…). In a long and well-sourced report to the US Congress, Joseph Martin – the official leader of the Republicans in the US Congress and thus the House Minority Leader – said:

when Hitler attacked Russia, Tito was killing Serbs – our allies – not Nazis. Tito was the best friend Hitler had. (Joseph Martin’s Report, May 24, 1945. Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 79th Congress, First Session, Volume 91, Part 4, May 7 1945 to June 1945. p. 4993. Bold added) (IMG)

The GOP/Republicans was more anti-Soviet and pro-Titoist than the ‘Democratic Party’ back then. Thus, as confirmed by the GOP’s leader in the Congress, Tito was ally of the Nazis in Yugoslavia as early as 1941, ‘when Hitler attacked’ the Soviet Union.


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