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The Nazis, not the Soviets, were responsible for Katyn Massacre,

American intelligence documents corroborate

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The Class Bases

of Imperialism & Fascism; Revolutionary Struggles against fascist reaction


Many are confused as to the details of the origins and class character of imperialism and fascism, how imperialist-fascist conspiracies are to be identified and what their strategies are, and what strategies and macro-tactics must be pursued by the socialist forces in the global struggle against fascism. This article is long but surely worth the read, for it comprehensively answers all of these questions.


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Stalin-era USSR provides military support to Syria before, during, and after 1948 War

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CIA documents debunk

The Myth of Soviet “Colonialism” in Hungary


CIA: Stalin-era USSR did not steal Hungary’s industry but rather legally seized some Nazi German industrial compounds as war reparations. The Hungarian workers in these Soviet-owned factories enjoyed benefits far higher than Hungarian workers in non-Soviet-owned factories.


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Leon Trotsky was an MI6 agent since 1918, American intelligence documents reveal

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