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The Trotsky-Jabotinsky Cooperation


Trotsky had suspicious ties to Ze’ev Jabotinsky, later to become the pogromist-collaborationist Mussolinite fascist founder of ‘Revisionist Zionist’ network.


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On the Soviet Takeback of the



Sakhalin and Kuril Islands


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The 1948 Proletarian Revolution in Czechoslovakia’s Industrial Bourgeois-Democracy

Czechoslovakia has been the only Western-style industrial bourgeois-democracy to be overthrown through a proletarian revolution. No Red Army presence; just proletarian demonstrations. Communists have much to learn by its example. By what strategies did the Party of the proletariat launch the socialist revolutionary overthrow of the Western-style bourgeois-democratic state? Find out here.

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Wenceslas square 25. February 1948





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The Founding of a People’s Democracy in Romania


The process and strategies of transitioning the Romanian monarcho-fascist state into a People’s Democratic state. View full article.



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