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Volunteers can also choose to perform a combination of these roles. The activities of the volunteers will be coordinated so that no more than one individual completes the same task.


Visuals Team

Ø  Web Visuals

·        Finds an appropriate cover image for the article.

·        Uses Pixlr or Photoshop to enhance the cover images, if necessary.

·        Handles the layout of the home page.

·        Properly adjusts the font size, style, etc. of the articles and home page text.

·        Knowledge of HTML/CSS coding is not required though preferable.

  ·        Training about the details of performing the task will be provided.

Ø  Producer of PowerPoint & Documentary Visuals

·        Basically helps produce from the book a documentary series without voice-overs.

·        Uses the screenshots and photos of sources in the book as images for the documentary, while pasting the book text as the voice-over script.

·        Such PowerPoint files are aimed to be readily accessible to the general public so that the socialist and progressive-minded video producers among them can then easily use the PowerPoint to create a documentary.

·        The new versions of PowerPoint have features that allow for the production of a rather good-quality documentary. Training for the use of PowerPoint to this end would be provided.



·        Translates the book and its summaries to other languages.

·        Please let me know if you seek to translate or have already translated parts of the book.



·        Some parts of the book present several pieces of evidence corroborating the same point. These parts of the book, though comprising several pages, can be efficiently summarized without loss of sight of the points made. The summarizer writes the summary paragraph(s) for these specific sections of the book.

·        In a separate file designated to the notes, the summarizer takes jot notes. The summary notes files would be shared with the individuals who, bogged down by the incidentalism of labour, have little time to read the entire book.

·        Not all parts of the book shall be summarized, as there exist certain sections requiring the presentation of the text in its entirety so to maximize the effective conveyance of the message.

·        The summarizer also highlights the important quotes of the book in a PDF document and copies-and-pastes the jot notes as ‘comments’ in the PDF document.

·        Training about the details of performing the task will be provided.



·        Spreads the articles and books in social media forums.

·        May help find ways to spread the print form of the book in different countries.

·        Researches ways to liaise with and access the forums and organizations in which predominate the blue-collar workers, cooperative employees, or university students from proletarian family backgrounds, and to gradually spread the Sovinform content, particularly the summaries and the  in such forums.


Non-English Language Website Maintenance

·        This task will be very limited in this initial phase, as the book has not been translated. However, more tasks in this category will eventually arise.





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