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USSR Militarily funds Greece’s Communist-led Rebellion (1946-1949)


The Criminal Yugoslav Regime led by the Marshal of the Renegades Backstabs Greek Rebels. View full article.






The Foundations of Historical Materialism


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One can semi-metaphorically regard materiality as the mass of objects: that which is more material contains more matter and thus … a higher mass. And the higher its mass, the more the other objects gravitate towards it, giving it a more important role in space. In the same way, the more material a historical factor, the more it matters and has weight in the course of history. (…). The more material factors affect the less material factors more than vice versa, much as how the heavier objects pull the lighter objects more than vice versa and bring such lighter objects into their orbit. View full article.


American Intelligence Says:

Kulak rebels, not Soviet State, caused the 1932-1933 Ukraine Famine


A top US military Intelligence document reveals that the Soviet state aimed to resolve the famine issue.


British intelligence: The Bukharin Network organized the Kulak rebellions.


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“No Place for Kulaks and Priests in our Collective Farm!”



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The 1918 Dissolution of the Constituent Assembly during the October Revolution


In 1918, the Bolsheviks abolished the ‘Constituent Assembly’. This Bolshevik decision has been vastly misunderstood. Hereby read the truth of the matter, as confessed by MI6-affiliated authors and US state media.


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Russian Revolution | Definition, Causes, Summary, History, & Facts |  Britannica